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 Artiste plasticienne






Sylvie Bruneau alias heSBe


Visual Artist
painting /// mixed media /// digital arts /// land art


Artistic approach

« Paint what does not have any representation, give plastic expression to that which is devoid of visual form.»

Abstraction as a language

Visual artist heSBe has her own individual vision of people, time and space, intimate and universal. In her language, abstraction process becomes a passing act.

Artistic acts which reflect invisible processes of reality; a material and colorist calligraphy ; an aesthetic research exploring the different ways of being in the world.

Works as so many experiences between memory and conscienceness in a positive metaphor of movement.


Technical concept

Abstract Expression
- Research in color, composition and materiality of painting
- Gestual and introspective works
- Oil and mixed media on canvas all sizes, painting sculptures, digital creations, installations in situ


Contemporary artist

Lives and works in France

Member of European Academy of Arts, National Council for Visual arts, Taylor Foundation...
Artprice and Drouot quotation

Exhibitions in France, Europe and international
(Galleries, international exhibitions, art projects ...)

Contemporary Art Funds, public and private collections.

Web : www.sylviebruneau.com
Mail : contact@sylviebruneau.com


english resume


Visual artist



Visual Artist - painting /// mixed media /// digital arts /// land art - © "heSBé", Sylvie Bruneau